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Haven’t looked back


In 2006 I was fortunate enough to find a job designing for the web full-time and have been doing so ever since, constantly learning and evolving with the industry.

Paper charts and graphs, 35mm slides, PowerPoint and the Internet!

The Communications Design Program at
The School of Life!

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The rise of “The Net”


The internet started to make and appearance. So while I continued to produce PowerPoint presentations I started teaching myself how to design for and build web pages.

It was very rudimentary in the begining…

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Who knew?


durring the time in England I was completely unaware of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or anything they may be doing to completely disrupt the status quo…

The development of PowerPoint in the mid 90’s changed the presentation graphic landscape forever. A $3500 PC or MAC could do more than $75,000 DALIM. The Monolith systems with their huge price tags were gone and the 35mm slides business followed closely behind.

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Family beginnings


We moved from France to Ireland and, after a brief stint in Dublin, I landed a new job in the heart of London, so it was off to England.

A son, a daughter and another son all made appearances during 5 years in the UK.

I continued in the slides business producing presentations for couple of different companies and on a freelance basis … but in the main – it was 5 years watching a family grow.

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Wedding bells


A chance New Year’s meeting and an 18 month long distance relationship between Ireland and France?  There could be only one outcome…

We were married in 1988.

My experience with the Dalim system allowed me to continue to live and work in France, however the language proved a barrier to my new wife’s carrer goals.
So it was time to travel again.

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Paris is home for almost 5 years


I loved Paris so much I decided to stay and continue working.

By the late 80’s, the German company DALIM had developed a European slide system. It was far more robust in its design capabilities and colour management using thousands of colours at this point and allowing for greater creativity. Files were also portable, so to speak …

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Time to travel


Itchy feet and a yearn to travel took me to Paris. The TTS system was popular in North America but, because the software was in English, there was only one company using it in Paris.

For them it was both a “pro” – a unique system unlike anything else in Paris at the time, putting them ahead of the pack  …  and a “con” – the lack of English speaking operators to produce the work.  Being and english speaker with a year of experience, I was hired on the spot.

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From paper to film


Returning to Toronto, I found work for a company using a Management Graphics TTS (Table Top Slide) system to design slides imaged to a QCR pin registered camera.

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