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a LOT of film


Each slide required one file and allowed for a whopping 16 colours per slide, quickly evolving to 32, 64 and 128 colours (oh boy!). We even had the ability to create graduated colour. This allowed backgrounds to go from light blue to dark blue AND dark blue to light blue.

At first, there was a lot of trial and error…

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Toronto to NYC and back


After one year in Toronto I was transferred to New York where I continued to produce plotted marketing materials. However, paper was starting to give way to film. Companies like Management Graphics in Minnesota and Genigraphics in New Jersey had developed proprietary systems to create 35mm computer generated slides.

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Hardly a Personal Computer


The disk drives on the DEC2060 were the size of a small washing machine and held about 450 megabytes of data. If the file was correct, the plotter produced a page every 20 minutes or so. If there was an error the file had to be searched to discover the problem. We’re talking 1 colour monitors – no visuals on the screen – just code. It could have been a “91” typed instead of a “19” that caused the problem.

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